{21 Weeks}

{#tgibf} Hope y’all enjoyed the kickoff to Football season! Baby Santie is growing, and I think this mama only has a few weeks left fitting into my jersey comfortably. 🙂


Well this was a crazy week for sure! It was the first week of Kindergarten for my littles. And therefore pretty tiring for me. Plus, add all the extra running round {quite literally sometimes}, and on my feet time – well I repulled my calf muscle that was an old injury from a few years ago. Then of course my ankle started acting up. Well, it put me out of commission this weekend. I didn’t even get my photo done yesterday like I needed to! So this week’s photo is technically not quite a 21 week photo, but close enough! 🙂

IMG_9041-1Week: 21

Feelings: A little frustration at times. People keep saying to me “WOW, you FINALLY look pregnant.” As though I’m choosing the size I am, or how my baby/stomach are growing. People. I EAT. All the time. I even have to force myself to eat because I don’t have a huge appetite. It is just so frustrating. I’m sure they mean well, but I swear people don’t think before the speak sometimes! I would never comment on someone who looks *too* big for how far along they are. It’s not my fault I’m petite! *sigh*

Cravings: This week it’s been cheese!  🙂

Symptoms: Started feeling some minor hip pain while sleeping at night toward the end of the week. And some general achiness from my tummy growing. Baby has some active phases! Usually morning and evening and boy does he get moving! Lots of kicks, stretches, punches and even hiccups sometimes!



{18 Weeks}

Well – it’s happened. I’ve gotten my first cold while pregnant. This is giving me a not so exciting look into what my school year will be like! Eek. Being sick and not being able to take medicine is rough. That’s typically how I power through and still remain productive. Thankfully I was able to rest most of the weekend. And of course – it is back to work {full days of training} this week! Anyway, I had this picture taken and ready to post days ago, but have spent the majority of the weekend either on the couch, in bed or a combination of the two! Better late than never, right?! 😉


Week: 18

Feelings: Tired – but mostly because of this cold. I’m also getting super impatient! I can’t wait for our anatomy scan during the 20th week. And, if I must admit it, I’m feeling a little self-conscious about my bump. It is flat around my belly button! Ha. Not sure if it is because I had my belly button pierced for like, 13 years? Potential scar tissue? Or is my bump going to be deformed for the whole pregnancy? Sigh. I hope it rounds out. {I know, I shouldn’t be self-conscious, pregnancy is beautiful… but seriously. It looks… odd. ;)}

Cravings: SOUR CANDY!

Symptoms: Started feeling some stretching and ligament pain Saturday which I am excited for. It means my belly and baby are growing! And of course, as the chalkboard says, I have started feeling little movements. Baby Santie loves kicking, especially in the late afternoon. I think they are going to be an active baby – they were moving like crazy even during my 8 and 13 week ultrasound!


Oh – and this week Winston couldn’t resist. I got photobombed. 😉 Peek a boo W! The whole baby thing, and not being able to lay all over Mommy is confusing him.


{17 Weeks}

Ahhh it is almost the end of week 17! Crazy how time flies. And speaking of… I am back into the swing of things at work. I spent the entire week working in my classroom. It felt good to not be rushed this year {we had just moved into a brand new building last year and had less than a week to unpack, organize and get set up!}. But I can’t believe the week is already over. I have trainings for the next few weeks, and then back to school September 2! Where did the summer go?

The only good thing about summer ending is… you guessed it… SEAHAWKS! Preseason football is back! And because of it, I totally spaced on posting this picture until now. Good thing I’m a great multi-tasker. I’m watching the game and posting at the same time. Pure. Talent. 😉

In honor of Blue Friday my chalkboard this week is blue and green themed. Pretty fun!


Week: 17

Feelings: Pretty good this week! My fatigue has started to lessen. I am so thankful! I hope I can manage to keep this up through September. That is the most exhausting month ever. OH and I managed to pull my neck {all the way into my back} like no body’s business – couldn’t even turn my head. Everyone kept asking “What did you do!?”  Well… short answer? I turned my head. Yeah. I’m THAT good. Haha!

Hmm.. and as I type I think I’m ready for that bump to even out. I wonder how long it will be before it rounds out. Or maybe its because people say I’m carrying low. Hmm.. things to ponder.

Cravings: Nothing in particular this week. Oh – peanut butter and crackers! I haven’t had that in so long. Yum!

Symptoms: Just some aches {growing aches – yay!}, and my acne is starting to decrease slightly. Thank goodness! This is worse than anything I had as a teenager. I will be so thankful when this is gone!


GOOOO HAWKS! Can’t wait for the regular season to kick off. And this rain is welcome to come back more frequently also. I’m ready for cozy clothes and snuggly nights. Hope everyone enjoys the game and has an awesome weekend!


{16 Weeks}

Well, I am officially onto week 17, but this week and weekend got the best of me and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and post this picture! This was actually taken on Wednesday – so my goal for week 17 is to take the picture and post it by Friday! 🙂

IMG_8888-1Week: 16

Feelings: This was just an exhausting week. I tried to relax as much as possible but felt the pressure of school looming ahead of me. So I ended up getting lots of rest breaks but also got a lot accomplished on my summer “to do” list. Thank goodness, because I’m heading in this week to begin classroom set up! Also I felt VERY thankful that my good friend Beth gave me her maternity clothes. She just had her second, beautiful daughter, and no longer needed them. I was very thankful for belly bands and maternity jeans this week! 🙂

Cravings: Sadly, I was craving pizza! So most lunches this week consisted of salad and some sort of pizza-ish meal. Not the healthiest but you have to splurge sometimes! 🙂

Symptoms: Fatigue, low back pain, and I started to have some aches in my hips. Which makes me a little apprehensive since I already have mild hip pain from time to time {Lovely genetics!}.  I hope it isn’t a sign of what’s to come!

Have a good week y’all!


{15 Weeks}

Wow. What a week! A colleague and I spent M-Th travelling 2 hours in the morning and 3-3 1/2 hours in the evening to Lake Stevens, WA in order to prepare for our upcoming ProTeach portfolio. We learned a lot at our seminars but it was an exhausting week. So, I just got around to taking my weekly photo! As I’m nearing the end of week 15, I’m getting more and more anxious for week 20 — I can’t wait to find out what gender the baby is!


Week: 15

Feelings: Just exhausted. And behind. The training this week took a toll on me mentally, as well as on my house! I have quite the list to accomplish tomorrow!

Cravings: Nothing in particular this week — just more on the salty side. And fruit. Lots of fruit!

Symptoms: Minimal low back pain {yay!}, and fatigue.


{14 weeks}

Whoops! I meant to post this earlier, but the week got away from me. So here is the Week 14 recap! Our photo had to be taken in a different space – not my favorite since you can see things in the background – but it is all for good reason! Johnny has begun prepping the nursery {where I took the previous photos} – yay! 🙂


Week: 14

Feelings: I feel relieved this week because I can finally talk about our pregnancy. It also gives people at work a clue as to why I’ve been a little spacey and really fatigued. I am also relieved that I finished teaching my last week of summer school! But not looking forward to commuting to Lake Stevens all next week for the WEA ProTeach Jumpstart Seminar. {So glad teachers get the summer off, right? haha} I’m also bummed that the imaging department won’t schedule my anatomy scan until week 20. So we have to wait quite a while to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Patience is a virtue….right? :-\

Cravings: Bagels! For the first time in a long time I am eating carbs without really thinking about how they fit into my macronutrients. Although I still care about getting enough protein. Even though meat typically doesn’t sound good.

Symptoms: So this past week was really difficult for my low back. I already had some low back issues {minor} prior to pregnancy but now they’re definitely worse. I’m trying a combo of stretching, icing, attempting to walk as much as possible and chiropractic. It’s a little better toward the end of this week, but I’m just praying this isn’t a sign of what’s to come!

Question for the Mamas – any tips for strengthening low back during pregnancy??

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your weekend!


{13 Weeks}

As many of you know, on Sunday, we announced that we are expecting! If you read my last post, you also know that my husband will be having to travel out of town, to Juneau, AK throughout much of the pregnancy. It was certainly not in the plans, but you have to go where the work is!

So I’ll be documenting my pregnancy, and the journey our family goes through on the blog. I’m also hoping to come up with some new crafty ideas and new recipe ideas since I will have so much time in the near future! I already have an idea to blog about how to make little baby shoes out of fabric. The baby shoes in the announcement photo were a pair I actually made since I couldn’t find a gender neutral pair that I liked well enough.  So stay tuned!

Since we announced on a Sunday, that put me a bit behind on my blogging plans. So I’ll end up posting twice this week.


Week: Last week was my 13th week. We had a nuchal translucency ultra sound and got to see baby Santie again! Baby is moving around like crazy {on the ultrasound, it’s obviously too early for me to feel anything}, and looks very healthy. Can’t wait until the gender scan!

Feelings: I welcomed this week with open arms! Good bye nausea {thank goodness}, and reduced fatigue for the win. I still get incredibly tired but I can function a whole lot better now! Although teaching summer school probably wasn’t my best laid plan. So. Tired. 😂 I am looking forward to the point when I can finally have enough energy to get in an actual workout instead of only walk. {Current moms.. please tell me this is a reality! Did you ever end up feeling like working out during pregnancy?? Tips??}

Cravings: My only cravings so far have really just been enhanced cravings for things I already love – pineapple, banana peppers, salt and vinegar chips {I know, I’m weird}, and basically anything sour. Although the strangest thing is I’ve had a reduced sweet tooth. And if you know me – that’s really weird!

Bump: I have a little bump – but to most it looks like nothing. I feel fat – not pregnant! I’m looking forward to looking pregnant and not bloated! 🙂