27/52: Get rich quick. {Saturday giggles}

This week I bring to you a short and sweet blog post, just because this little guy is cracking me up today. First, why is our dog so smart? Winston is a smart little cookie. He knows all the right ways to trick us into getting our attention. Mr. Center of Attention is one of his many nicknames! Second, along the same lines, he is so innovative. Oh yeah, that’s right. We are about to be rich folks. With the help of Winston, we have come up with a new, high-tech, doggie drying system. I always dread the end of the bath: working quickly to get him semi-towel tried and then having to tackle, and try to brush him and get him dry. But we will no longer struggle. Man! Thank goodness we found a solution, I’m not sure how much longer we could have put up with the hassle. 🙂

Enjoy the video… I hope it brings you some giggles. Believe me, it was is {this is his usual routine} much funnier in person. Happy Saturday, I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine! {And sorry for the background noise – I’m just taking in some awesome Lifetime movies!!}