How to: Tie Dye Crayons

Wow. I have been practically non-existent in the blog world. To say that student teaching and my January {J-term} classes kept me busy would be an understatement! Beginning next week I am taking over my class room full-time and it has been quite the battle to make the students realize that Mrs. Santie means business! I think they’re finally beginning to realize it. 😉

I am so excited because next week is Valentine’s day! It is my 4th Valentine’s with my amazing hubby, and before him I really didn’t have a valentine {timing was inevitable that I just wouldn’t be dating anyone on that particular holiday!}. In retrospect I am thankful for that because each Valentine’s day with Johnny is so very special! In addition to my very special valentine this year, I am blessed enough to also have TWENTY-TWO more! 🙂

Hehe. I am so excited to spend Valentine’s day with my kiddos. It just so happens that I have an overly high-strung, energetic, chaotic group of firsties, so I am pretty much aboard the anti-candy bandwagon. I found this great idea on Pinterest to create crayons for them. This also has a special place in my heart because my grandmother would take little bits and pieces of leftover crayons and create things like this. They were always my favorite crayons in our special supply drawer.

How fun are these little dudes?

And way better than a piece of candy that is gone in .25 seconds. Don’t-chya think?

Here is the quicky tutorial – they’re a breeze to make.

Tie Dye Crayons

Supplies needed:

1. Crayons – for 24 hearts you will need approximately 4 boxes of 24 crayons.

2. Heart shaped silicon mold.


1. Pre-heat oven to 230°.

2. Cut up crayons – or use odds and ends of used up crayons.

3. Place crayons in each of the hearts in your mold. Fill to the very top for full crayons, less for thinner crayons.

4. Bake on a cookie sheet for about 12-15 minutes. Remove from oven.

5. Let cool until very firm – at least 4 hours, the longer the better.

6. Pop out of mold and… voila! Fun Valentine’s sans sugar!

I am creating little valentines out of mine that I will pass out during the kids’ valentine exchange. I think they’re so cute. Happy Valentine’s Day for “crayon” out loud! 😉

I’m not sure the kids will “get” the play on words though. It’ll be interesting to see!

 Hehe. These poor kids. Their teacher is a nerd. 🙂

What fun things are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Do you have any traditions with your kids or your family?

I am so excited to hear about what your family does for Valentine’s day! Stay tuned for some new, yummy recipes including something chocolate and peanut buttery {yum-o} and a new spin on an Italian favorite! Until next time…


50/52: Whoa! I actually made something I pinned!

Seriously. Shut. The. Front. Door. I made something that I pinned. haha. If you are a Pinterest frequenter, like I am then you certainly get the humor in my title. To just beat the humor further into the ground, I will explain! Pinterest is phenomenal. Phenomenal. Have you ever been surfing the ‘net and thought “Man! That is the coolest idea. I really want to remember that for later.” And then you bookmark the page and never go back to it? Well Pinterest eliminates that. It’s a virtual bulletin board! So cool. But there are sooo many cool ideas that you more often than not find yourself pinning zillions of things, most that you will never re-visit.

Well, I have finally beat this! I have made something that is a compilation of two pins I saw marked on my profile. Psst… by the way – go follow me on Pinterest! {See that cool ‘Pinterest’ button on the right of my blog? Click it. I dare ya!}

I am hosting a Christmas brunch for both sides of our family on Christmas morning, so I have been looking for festive, fun and inexpensive decorations. I saw this vase and fell in love. I can’t explain why. It’s absolutely, 100% cheesy. But, I love it. I love anything having to do with Santa. Now, I must say one of the two vases is way, way, way cuter than mine. But hey, you gotta work with what ya got!

Here are the two ideas I had found:

Via: Sew Many Ways

Via: Hostess with the Mostess

And… here is my little creation…

Via: Moi!

Totally cheesy, right?! Hah. I love it. It will be so cute with all of our food surrounding it. Cheap, cute center piece. Here is how I made it… You will need:

Santa Vase

1 round vase, any size
red construction/colored paper
black construction/colored paper or black ribbon
gray construction/colored paper
florists foam
evergreen sprigs – fake or real
fake red berries

1. Cover vase with red paper, secure with loops of tape
2. Cut black paper for belt, or use ribbon. Wrap around the middle of the vase. Secure along the back by the seam of the red paper with more tape.
3. Cut out a belt buckle shape from your gray paper. Secure on either end with more tape. Don’t secure too tightly, you want it to appear loose like a buckle.
4. Cut florists foam to easily fit in the bottom of your vase.
5. Add evergreen sprigs and red berries. Tweak until you like the look!

Simple, right? I probably did not need to write that up – but you never know.

Leave me a comment – tell me what you are doing with your family for Christmas. Are you creating or decorating for anything? What are your favorite types of decorations?
me: I love, love Santas. I always have but I think it has become an obsession since my last name became Santie. 😉