38/52: Yes, I’m still alive.

Wow! Holy cow.

I am so bad. I haven’t blogged in so long. Life has gotten the best of me, yet again. I am so behind, I have such cool recipes and adventures to share. 🙂

First, good news! The teacher strike which lasted nearly 2 weeks, was over a few weeks ago and I was able to return to my internship school last week. It was such a great feeling to walk into the classroom and see all my kiddos faces. And getting oodles of hugs certainly helped! There is nothing better than seeing a kids face light up, and excited to see you. I’ll never get tired of that.

Hmm, what else happened over the past few weeks? Oh, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my husband. It was so nice! We decided to just get away for the weekend, and travelled up to Orcas Island. If you aren’t from the PNW, Orcas Island is the largest island in the San Juan island chain. It was beautiful and so peaceful. We stayed in the cutest little condo/suite and just relaxed! Here is the quickie-low down… {If you know me, you know I took zillions of pictures, it was tough to narrow them down}

We took a ferry from Anacortes, WA…

And ended up staying in the little town {their biggest town} of Eastsound, WA.

We celebrated our anniversary with a replica of our wedding cake topper… so YUM. Corina Bakery makes the best chocolate cake, and super yummy espresso buttercream! To die for!

The next morning we decided to explore the island. We headed up to Moran State Park and Mt. Constitution. We were just getting over being sick, so we didn’t hike but instead just drove up hoping for a view. We quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. We were practically in the clouds! But there was a really cool “castle” — I renamed it Castle Grayskull, but for some reason I don’t think the island will go for it? — which was an old lookout.

After Moran State Park, we drove around to the north side of the island. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

For dinner that night we headed over to the historic Rosario Mansion, which was neat, but I wasn’t entirely impressed. Their website made it look much more well kept. But it could have been because it was considered the “off season” for tourism.


All in all it was a great trip! Our actual anniversary was on Monday, so we got another special day to celebrate. I had made Johnny a special card, which I gave him with breakfast. And I came home to beautiful roses.

It was a perfect and completely memorable first anniversary {well technically 3-2-1 anniversary! 3 years dating, 2 years since proposal and 1 year since our wedding — yes, all on the same day! September 19.} Man, how lucky am I that I get to be married to this man for the rest of my life. Life is good! 🙂

Wow, feels good to get this post written. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and every time I sit down to type I get sucked into homework {which is what I should be doing right now – lol}.

I have some fun recipes coming up to share with you guys, I can’t wait. Those will be posted over the next few weeks. Before then though, I need your help with something. To cut or not to cut? That is the question. I am fed up with my hair and want to cut it. I also feel that shorter hair would make me look slightly older/more professional. I usually make drastic decisions when it comes to cutting hair, so I want to make sure and think this one through. So, I thought I could implore the opinions of my readers!

Here is me yesterday…

Here is what I’m thinking for cut/style…

Thoughts? Vote in the poll below!

I hope everyone has an awesome and productive day! Until next time…