{13 Weeks}

As many of you know, on Sunday, we announced that we are expecting! If you read my last post, you also know that my husband will be having to travel out of town, to Juneau, AK throughout much of the pregnancy. It was certainly not in the plans, but you have to go where the work is!

So I’ll be documenting my pregnancy, and the journey our family goes through on the blog. I’m also hoping to come up with some new crafty ideas and new recipe ideas since I will have so much time in the near future! I already have an idea to blog about how to make little baby shoes out of fabric. The baby shoes in the announcement photo were a pair I actually made since I couldn’t find a gender neutral pair that I liked well enough.  So stay tuned!

Since we announced on a Sunday, that put me a bit behind on my blogging plans. So I’ll end up posting twice this week.


Week: Last week was my 13th week. We had a nuchal translucency ultra sound and got to see baby Santie again! Baby is moving around like crazy {on the ultrasound, it’s obviously too early for me to feel anything}, and looks very healthy. Can’t wait until the gender scan!

Feelings: I welcomed this week with open arms! Good bye nausea {thank goodness}, and reduced fatigue for the win. I still get incredibly tired but I can function a whole lot better now! Although teaching summer school probably wasn’t my best laid plan. So. Tired. 😂 I am looking forward to the point when I can finally have enough energy to get in an actual workout instead of only walk. {Current moms.. please tell me this is a reality! Did you ever end up feeling like working out during pregnancy?? Tips??}

Cravings: My only cravings so far have really just been enhanced cravings for things I already love – pineapple, banana peppers, salt and vinegar chips {I know, I’m weird}, and basically anything sour. Although the strangest thing is I’ve had a reduced sweet tooth. And if you know me – that’s really weird!

Bump: I have a little bump – but to most it looks like nothing. I feel fat – not pregnant! I’m looking forward to looking pregnant and not bloated! 🙂




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