{18 Weeks}

Well – it’s happened. I’ve gotten my first cold while pregnant. This is giving me a not so exciting look into what my school year will be like! Eek. Being sick and not being able to take medicine is rough. That’s typically how I power through and still remain productive. Thankfully I was able to rest most of the weekend. And of course – it is back to work {full days of training} this week! Anyway, I had this picture taken and ready to post days ago, but have spent the majority of the weekend either on the couch, in bed or a combination of the two! Better late than never, right?! 😉


Week: 18

Feelings: Tired – but mostly because of this cold. I’m also getting super impatient! I can’t wait for our anatomy scan during the 20th week. And, if I must admit it, I’m feeling a little self-conscious about my bump. It is flat around my belly button! Ha. Not sure if it is because I had my belly button pierced for like, 13 years? Potential scar tissue? Or is my bump going to be deformed for the whole pregnancy? Sigh. I hope it rounds out. {I know, I shouldn’t be self-conscious, pregnancy is beautiful… but seriously. It looks… odd. ;)}

Cravings: SOUR CANDY!

Symptoms: Started feeling some stretching and ligament pain Saturday which I am excited for. It means my belly and baby are growing! And of course, as the chalkboard says, I have started feeling little movements. Baby Santie loves kicking, especially in the late afternoon. I think they are going to be an active baby – they were moving like crazy even during my 8 and 13 week ultrasound!


Oh – and this week Winston couldn’t resist. I got photobombed. 😉 Peek a boo W! The whole baby thing, and not being able to lay all over Mommy is confusing him.



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