{14 weeks}

Whoops! I meant to post this earlier, but the week got away from me. So here is the Week 14 recap! Our photo had to be taken in a different space – not my favorite since you can see things in the background – but it is all for good reason! Johnny has begun prepping the nursery {where I took the previous photos} – yay! 🙂


Week: 14

Feelings: I feel relieved this week because I can finally talk about our pregnancy. It also gives people at work a clue as to why I’ve been a little spacey and really fatigued. I am also relieved that I finished teaching my last week of summer school! But not looking forward to commuting to Lake Stevens all next week for the WEA ProTeach Jumpstart Seminar. {So glad teachers get the summer off, right? haha} I’m also bummed that the imaging department won’t schedule my anatomy scan until week 20. So we have to wait quite a while to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Patience is a virtue….right? :-\

Cravings: Bagels! For the first time in a long time I am eating carbs without really thinking about how they fit into my macronutrients. Although I still care about getting enough protein. Even though meat typically doesn’t sound good.

Symptoms: So this past week was really difficult for my low back. I already had some low back issues {minor} prior to pregnancy but now they’re definitely worse. I’m trying a combo of stretching, icing, attempting to walk as much as possible and chiropractic. It’s a little better toward the end of this week, but I’m just praying this isn’t a sign of what’s to come!

Question for the Mamas – any tips for strengthening low back during pregnancy??

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your weekend!



{13 Weeks}

As many of you know, on Sunday, we announced that we are expecting! If you read my last post, you also know that my husband will be having to travel out of town, to Juneau, AK throughout much of the pregnancy. It was certainly not in the plans, but you have to go where the work is!

So I’ll be documenting my pregnancy, and the journey our family goes through on the blog. I’m also hoping to come up with some new crafty ideas and new recipe ideas since I will have so much time in the near future! I already have an idea to blog about how to make little baby shoes out of fabric. The baby shoes in the announcement photo were a pair I actually made since I couldn’t find a gender neutral pair that I liked well enough.  So stay tuned!

Since we announced on a Sunday, that put me a bit behind on my blogging plans. So I’ll end up posting twice this week.


Week: Last week was my 13th week. We had a nuchal translucency ultra sound and got to see baby Santie again! Baby is moving around like crazy {on the ultrasound, it’s obviously too early for me to feel anything}, and looks very healthy. Can’t wait until the gender scan!

Feelings: I welcomed this week with open arms! Good bye nausea {thank goodness}, and reduced fatigue for the win. I still get incredibly tired but I can function a whole lot better now! Although teaching summer school probably wasn’t my best laid plan. So. Tired. 😂 I am looking forward to the point when I can finally have enough energy to get in an actual workout instead of only walk. {Current moms.. please tell me this is a reality! Did you ever end up feeling like working out during pregnancy?? Tips??}

Cravings: My only cravings so far have really just been enhanced cravings for things I already love – pineapple, banana peppers, salt and vinegar chips {I know, I’m weird}, and basically anything sour. Although the strangest thing is I’ve had a reduced sweet tooth. And if you know me – that’s really weird!

Bump: I have a little bump – but to most it looks like nothing. I feel fat – not pregnant! I’m looking forward to looking pregnant and not bloated! 🙂




Our family is very excited to announce that we are growing… by two feet, and a heart beat! We have been planning on starting a family for some time, but first had to come the house, and then once that happened we were on God’s timeline. He has blessed us with a growing, healthy baby!


babyannouncement back

{ Baby Santie will be joining the family in January 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited! }

As if adding a baby isn’t a big enough change, we also recently found out that John’s job will be taking him out of town. For those who don’t know, he is a Piledriver/Welder by trade. We have been very blessed that he hasn’t spent more time away from home. When we were first dating he was out of town and we only saw each other on weekends. For the past 5 years he has been home, and I’ve been quite spoiled! In mid September he will be traveling to Juneau, AK for a job building a super-cruise terminal. I have been so spoiled throughout our marriage that he hasn’t had to travel to job sites. But it looks like my luck has run out! 😉 Its a wonderful opportunity for him, but sadly it means he won’t be home to experience all the joys of pregnancy and our growing baby. Thankfully, it means I get to travel and site see in Juneau {as long as it’s safe during my pregnancy} and he will be able to come home for holidays and of course the birth of our baby!

With Johnny missing out on so much I was trying to figure out a way to document this special time, SO, naturally I thought, “BLOG!” I’m going to keep track of the pregnancy journey and our growing little one so he can check in. I also thought it’d be a wonderful way to not only get back into blogging, but also to look back and remember every moment leading up to our first {human} child {let us not forget Winston!}.

I hope you’ll follow along with us. 🙂



The Wednesday Word — fitness survey

Gooood morning!

Holy moly…I am too sore to workout – so I decided I needed to take the day off. {Live Fit Trainer has 3 days off at the end of the week, since I have been super sore, I dispersed them throughout the week this week}Since I was so sore this seemed like a nice alternative! Get those sore muscles stretched out… blood flowing into them and wake up the brain!


So, along with my fitness goals, I really want to get back into blogging more frequently. Once a week, but more than once would be awesome! I thought a cool way to do that would be to implement something I devised {or thought I did… although I am sure I’m not that clever!}, called the “Wednesday Word”. Soo, I will post a new fitness survey, a new motivational mantra or photo that I’ve found… something to keep me {and hopefully you} going and excited about health and fitness! 🙂 #iwill #whatisbeautiful

This week I have decided to hone in fitness. I’ve seen this fitness survey floating around the  web… {Over at Carrots ‘N Cake, etc.} I am not a fitness guru or health nut, so my answers are pretty bleh. BUT I thought it would be interesting to see how my answers change during each phase of the Live Fit Trainer. Since I’m in Phase 1 – here is posting numero uno!

Hope y’all are having a great and productive week!

Five Fitness Things I Can’t Live Without:

  1. iPhone – cannot workout without music!
  2. Nike Free 5.0s – favorite shoes ever
  3. H20 – hydration baybee!
  4. Motivation – sometimes that means pulling up Pinterest, thumbing through a fitness magazine really quick or even just turning on some of my favorite workout songs!
  5. My HUSBAND! – He keeps me motivated and wanting to stay fit. I couldn’t imagine having a partner who isn’t motivated to stay fit and healthy! XOXO!

Most Embarrassing Song I Listen To When I Workout:

  • Britney Spears? — I will always love Britney. I grew up with her and love her – she gets my heart pumping!
  • Little Mix – Wings – This popped up on my Pandora and I love the beat!

Favorite Pre-Workout Snack or Meal:

Egg {usually 1} and Dave’s bread, toasted with coffee —  I usually workout in the AM around 5ish, so breakfast is the first thing in my belly!

On My Fitness Bucket List:

  • Complete all 3 phases of Live Fit Trainer – and stick to it!
  • Complete a 1/2 marathon
  • Complete a color run – seems fun!
  • Lose fat – gain lean muscle!

Must Have Tech Tools:

  • iPhone! – cannot live without my music playlists – especially Pandora!
  • I don’t currently have but totally want… Polar FT40!

Top Exercise Gear:

Seriously love my Nike Free 5.0s. I had a foot injury {Morton’s neuroma – no fun!} a while back and ever since have difficulty with the way shoes fit, and flare ups.. ever since I started wearing this style of Nike I have had ZERO problems! These are my favorite!


Motivational Mantras:

I have quite a few but two that are true to where I’m at right now in my journey are…



Favorite Strength Moves:

  1. Squats!
  2. Leg Press!
  3. Lunges! — I loathe them, but I feel and see results… it’s a love hate relationship! 😉

I love leg days – probably because I have the most strength and so I feel the best when I go up to a heavier weight.

What are you favorite things?! Copy and repost – just tag me back so I can read and comment! Happy Hump Day!



Roller coaster ride.

I am tired of the roller coaster. I am tired of the, “I want to get fit… I want to gain muscle and eat lean” mentality that quickly falls to the “OMG that looks/tastes so good” mentality. I am through. Finished. Ready to make a permanent change.

This past year has been quite difficult for me on the fitness home front. My first year teaching was a lot more difficult than I imagined. I thought for some reason I wouldn’t be subject to the first year teacher stresses and struggles. Alas, they got me. And they got me good! The summer leading into my first teaching job (last summer), I worked out pretty hard and started the “New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women” program, which I loved by the way. Then, I was hired and like a whirlwind life changed. I was working 12 hours a day, and some days more to get my classroom together… I was working long days to get my plans finished in between and after meetings while trying to maintain my normal life, also while being infected with 5 year old Kindergarten germs. It was crazy. 😉

All the while I told myself, “Well, next week things should calm down and I can get in a workout or two.” If you guessed that I didn’t do that, then you guessed right! Pretty soon it was December, and the holidays hit, and so did all my favorite sugary treats. Finally come Winter Break I got back into the gym, only to become very sick with the flu. Another road block. Long story short, I am just finally getting to the point where I can regain the right mentality, the right priorities to take care of myself and realize that is the best thing I can do for my husband, my students and most importantly myself.

Today I did a lot of online browsing… I came across a great fitness program that I started today and am SUPER excited about! …click here to check out Jamie Eason‘s 12 week Live Fit Trainer program. Stoked on that. And I also found out about the Under Armour “What is Beautiful” campaign. I joined up on that and am super excited to start some of the challenges. {Pssst… follow me on UA What is Beautiful – HERE!”}

Its late. Its random. I haven’t blogged in… a long time. BUT, I just couldn’t wait to get a post going, to chat about all the things going on inside my head. This post is somewhat of a ramble. But I think it is best that way. I am so tired of living my life “lazy”. “Ugh. I am too tired to work out”, and then feeling disgusting or gross when my clothes don’t fit. BTW, I REFUSE to buy new clothes! And, I also refuse to keep yo-yoing back and forth just to fit in said clothes! 🙂

My goal is… Complete Phases 1, 2 and 3 in a 12 week program… Change my lifestyle and teach my students to be active!!! #iwill #whatisbeautiful

Fitness is for life. I’m making the change… I’m challenging myself to become a better version of me. I am challenging myself to be the best person I can be, someone my future children can be proud of, someone my current students can be proud of. {Seriously… my kids would rather sit in front of a TV or video game… NOOO!} NO EXCUSES THIS TIME! I want to make a change.


Well, all I can say/guarantee is…stay tuned for the next installment on this roller coaster ride! 😉

Ciao! And Sweet Dreams… zzzz.


Happy birthday… to me!

Wow. It has been months. I mean, months, since I’ve posted! It even feels weird to be typing this up!

Quick catch up… I got my first teaching job! I graduated last June, and was hired in August to be a half day Kindergarten teacher. MAN. Half day Kinder is tough. But, at the same time it is rewarding and fun! And because of the craziness, it is safe to say that my life has been taken over! All I do is teach, plan for teaching, organize for teaching, talk about teaching. I LOVE IT! And, I have an amazing husband who is supportive and listens as I ramble on, and on about my days. However, life is good!

The other day I was reading up on a friend’s blog. She is blogging to keep family and friends in communication about her pregnancy. She made my bagels recipe, and shared it on her blog. I realized how long it has truly been since I blogged and how much I enjoy it! So, here I am! It was perfect timing because… today… is… my… birthday!! Yes. I am 27 today. Weird. And, I was already planning on baking up some birthday happiness, so it was a perfect time to share with you all!! {If anyone is still even subscribed/reading my blog that is! ;)}

For my birthday I couldn’t choose between a lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling, or a mocha inspired cupcake. Alas, the chocolate and coffee lover in me won!

I thought it was fitting that I take a pic to mark my enthusiasm to get back into blogging… CHEESE!


Yep. 27 year old cheesy smile. It still feels weird to say I’m 27. :-\

Anyhow – these cupcakes were fun to make. I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with the texture, and they weren’t chocolaty enough for my tastes, but all in all they are good! The frosting is smooth and airy and delicious! The frosting is definitely a remake!


Yummm. These will be delish tonight for a birthday treat.


Eeek. All my cute little cupcake soldiers lined up! Ready to be devoured!

ONTO the recipe!!!

Mocha Cupcakes


For the cupcakes:

  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp espresso powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 cup brewed coffee, cooled
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk

For the frosting:

  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 Tbsp espresso powder
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 Tbsp chocolate syrup
  • 5 cup powdered sugar


For the cupcakes:

  1. In a bowl, mix flour, cocoa, salt, baking soda, baking powder and espresso powder. Set aside.
  2. In a measuring cup, mix together cooled coffee and buttermilk. Set aside.
  3. In large mixing bowl, beat butter and sugar together until fluffy, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add eggs, beating in one at a time.
  5. Slowly add in dry ingredients, alternating with milk mixture {about 3 additions of each}.
  6. Pour batter into cupcake liners, no more than half full {seriously – the rise up fast, and don’t dome over like most cupcakes… don’t over fill!}
  7. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Remove and cool completely.

For the frosting:

  1. For the frosting, warm cream for about 30 seconds in microwave. Whisk in espresso powder and chocolate syrup. Set aside {I threw mine into the freeze for 5-10 minutes to cool down the mixture, so as to not melt my thick airy frosting!}.
  2. Beat butter, powdered sugar together, until fluffy. About 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add cooled cream & espresso mixture slowly until desired consistency. If desired, whip an additional 3-5 minutes until fluffy.
  4. Pipe frosting onto cooled cupcakes and garnish with chocolate covered espresso bean, or in my case a chocolate covered nut or chocolate ball {Chocolate covered espresso beans are non-existent where I live!}.

Source & Recipe {very slightly adapted} from: Shugary Sweets

I hope y’all have a great weekend and a safe St. Patty’s!! 🙂




Hey all! I have been somewhat non-existent again. I have no excuse this time {Last time it was school, etc.} aside from the fact that I am enjoying the last bit of summer, searching for jobs insistently and spending time revising and re-revising my cover letter, resume, etc. hoping to get interviews! Teaching is a tough profession to get into.

Well… I have something super cool to share with you all! Do any of you watch the Glee Project? If not, find it and watch it! I am not a reality show watcher, but I had to watch this season of The Glee Project because… the most talented person I personally know was on it this season! If you do watch it, and you loved Nellie, that is who I am talking about. I grew up with her family having lived across the street from my grandparents. And likewise, I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into a beautiful young woman and I am so thrilled and proud of her accomplishments!

That being said, I am super excited and in love with… HER FIRST SINGLE! Everyone, you should listen, and download and play this on repeat. It is beautiful. Let me know what you think! I don’t know about you, but I think she has a pretty amazing and beautiful voice. Congrats Nellie, so proud of you!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

I’ll be posting again soon… I am FINALLY nearing the end of stage 1 of my workout program. I’ve gained muscle, but haven’t been super strict with my eating, and I can tell. BUT I am thrilled to share the going-ons of the workout very soon!