{19 Weeks}

Wow. This week has been crazy with all our trainings to get ready for the new school year! I am especially thankful the district training is complete and my math facilitation for the Kindergarten teachers went well! Phew. One more thing to check off. Well I’m almost half way through my pregnancy! Its hard to believe. Thankfully with my 20th week {tomorrow} we will have our anatomy/gender scan! We can’t wait!

IMG_8929-1I’m pretty sure my jersey only has a few more weeks of use – so I’m thankful pre-season is here! #gohawks

Week: 19

Feelings: Exhausted. But mostly because of the hours I’ve been putting in at work. Over all I’m feeling great! {Which of course then makes me wonder if all is well… haha}

Cravings: Not really anything in particular this week!

Symptoms: Again, a pretty uneventful week for symptoms. Just getting really tired of this acne. Hormones I tell ya. My acne was never this bad – not in high school, and not at any point in adulthood! Sigh. 😉

Do you think Baby Santie is a boy or a girl? Leave comments below!! 🙂



One thought on “{19 Weeks}

  1. Im so excited for you two, and really glad that you share w/ us! I love you sissy and my lil family sends their love and happiness! Oh, by the way, Wilson couldnt make that jersey look better on him compared to you! Cant wait to see the newest addition to our family! Lets hope for a COWBOYS vs Seahawks NFC Championship game, and wish for it in Seattle, so we can all muster up enough $ to go together! HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING SISSY! Love, your big brother! 🙂

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