45/52: 30 Days of Gratitude

Good morning!

I feel as though life is so hectic that we often get “caught up” and forget how lucky we truly are. Or, at least, that is how I feel and have been feeling more often as of late. Even though everything in life isn’t how I “planned it” or expected it would turn out…. when I go to sleep at night I can reassuringly tell myself, life is good. At the end of the day, no matter how much strife or how many struggles I have been through, I am blessed beyond words. Considering this month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I have been searching for some way to display and reflect on what I am thankful for {Particularly since we {my PLU Cohort} are encouraged to reflect on every little, teeny, tiny thing… It is obviously transferring over into my personal life!}. I couldn’t have found a better solution if I had been looking and looking for it.

I was reading through my favorite blogs for the morning and stumbled across this great idea… “30 Days of Gratitude”. I’m sure you have heard of these projects before, but this one is different. You don’t post via writing what you’re thankful for in your Facebook status, you post through pictures. This is totally up my ally considering my addiction to my Instagram app! I came across this wonderful idea at The Brown Eyed Baker, and she found it via this fabulous website, positively present. So, I am going to do it! I am getting a late start, so I’m just going to pick up today and begin doing it. I don’t think I need to finish the project at the end of the month, particularly since we should be thankful all the time. So, I will end up finishing this some time in Decemeber. I will be posting my photo stream via twitter {See link on the right to follow me – thesanties}, and via my Flickr {Santies Sunnyside Up} account!

Here are the details:

Have you recently been reflecting upon what you’re thankful for? Consider joining us! Find me and follow me, I will follow your feed as well. 😉

PS…. Washingtonians, do not forget to vote, ballots are due today! It is a very important election, make your vote heard! Did you vote? I did!

Make today a good day! 🙂


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