Happy birthday Winston!

Hi there! Happy Monday!

Did everyone have a great weekend? Our weekend was very relaxing, although I am yet again fighting off another cold/sinus infection/virus. Joy, joy. Like my friend said, hopefully we are just fighting off our “first year” bugs and next year we’ll have stronger immunity against these munchkins! Cheers to that {with my mug of day time Theraflu}!

So guess who celebrated a very big, first birthday this Saturday?! Yep. You guessed it…

This guy!

My sweet little dogga turned one. It’s hard to believe. I remember when he was first born and we went to look at the litter. The little guy fit in the palm of our hands! Awh.

Yeah… I have a problem. I made a first year collage of my dog. Yeah… I went there. 😉

You would too if your dog was *THIS* cute! 😉

Winston even got a birthday present from his pup-friend Meesha! {My ever so thoughtful and creative friends Beth & Jon give the sweetest most thoughtful gifts!} He loved his gift – a new squeeky {Snake} and yummy treats!

Him and Snake are good friends now… he drags him around everywhere, which is really funny to watch since Snake is longer than him. 😉

Oh the life of a dog… he has it pretty good. Hehe.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. I have a super yummy recipe coming up for you this week!


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