Winston’s Spin cycle remix!

Last week I posted a video of my pup doing his crazy ‘spin cycle’…. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to get a better video because when he gets going, it is hysterical! Well, after taking Winston out this morning, he managed to get something all over parts of his fur {thank to the rain last night we have some puddles that have turned into thick, sticky mud} — so he got a ‘back end bath’ this morning. LOL. This time I was prepared, I grabbed my phone for after the bath and hit record as soon as I let him down! He is so funny. I’m not sure how he spins around so fast. Every once in a while I can tell he gets dizzy if he spins around too much. He’s a total spazz! We love him anyway though. 🙂

Definitely worth some giggles!… Enjoy and Happy Monday!


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