10/52: Aiden Lee

I feel like life hasn’t slowed down for some time now. But this weekend was full of a lot of fun! I have been planning a baby shower for my sister, who is expecting my new nephew Aiden Lee in about 6 weeks! A lot of time and thought went into planning the shower and it all paid off. Everyone seemed to have a great time, but most importantly we got to celebrate the fact that our new addition to the family will be here soon!

As guests walked in, we had them sign the guest book – which was a story book called “On the Night you Were Born”. All the girls signed it with sweet messages for Aiden. When he is older he will be able to read how loved he was even before he was born!

Guests also wrote advice for the new mama and wishes for baby Aiden – then Ashlee got to take the wish cards home and read them with Gavin.


And here was the spread… mmmm, finger food!

And, whats a baby shower without dessert? Cakes are fun, but cupcakes are even *funner*! (And yes, for the record… funner is a word, at least in my world!)

Awwhh… look at the cute little animals. I love them! Cuties.

Of course we played games and chatted…we played the infamous ‘Measure the tummy’, ‘Whose water broke’, and a fun little game of baby animal match that I created just for the baby shower. It was a lot of fun. But, more than anything I enjoyed having my family all together. They are my world.

Here we are, three generations of Copeland ladies… my little grandma is so sweet! Eee!

The best part of the afternoon was definitely the family. But I was brought to tears when Ashlee opened her gift from Grandma. It was a handmade baby quilt. Each of her grandchildren have their own baby quilt, and now her great-grand baby has one too. It was seriously emotional for me!

All in all, it was a great shower. But, I am just excited to meet little Aiden. Just a couple more weeks!

Thanks for sharing in the baby shower with us! Oooh, don’t forget your party favor! Of course they are home-baked sugar cookies! What is a holiday/party/event without decorated sugar cookies?! 🙂

Too cute.

Happy Thursday everyone. The weekend is *almost* here!

xoxo, ss


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