9/52: The Santies

…So, this blog is called “The Santies”… yet I haven’t said much about us. So here is a post (although it is slightly random) about what this blog is named after… (drum roll….) The Santies!

You know what I think is great? Marriage. Its cool, isn’t it? I realize not all marriages are the same, but mine is wonderful and I would want everyone to have a marriage that is based like mine. Johnny and I are literally best friends. We do everything together, we find new hobbies together, relax together… and the best part? We don’t get tired of each other (which is saying a lot because we live in a one bedroom condo – hehe). I am grateful for my best friend, he is so supportive and so loving – I think I’ll keep him for a while. 😉 No matter what it is, he supports me 100% and that means the world to me. No matter what, we are each other’s number 1 fans. (Awwwh – I know…. keep reading though, this isn’t going to be a super mushy blog entry.)

Recently, one of the things we have been really into is beer tasting. There are so many different types of beer out there (YES there is a world beyond Bud & Coors Light) that it is honestly mind-boggling! I am so grateful that we both share this passion – it is a lot of fun! Our favorite local tavern, The Parkway always has a great selection of craft beers on tap and the best part is that they have beer tasting events! The breweries come on down to good old T-Town and share their yummy beers with the customers and generally bring a limited release or special brew for the night! We got to enjoy some awesome brews the other night…


There they are! A nice schooner of each beer they brought in… I even found an IPA I like. Which means a lot. I don’t like IPAs!

The Santies!

Cheese! Smile for the camera. My husband rocks!


Another picture of the brews from the fabulous folks at Silver City! I especially liked their Idianola IPA and Johnny loved their IPA they brewed just for the event. The name escapes me right now but it was actually pretty good! Just a little too hoppy for my tastes… it was like a hef meets an IPA. Totally interesting! And I completely just showed my geekyness about beer right now. 🙂

The point is – I love my hubby. And I love that we have something special that we both enjoy and can do together. I hope we have more opportunities to explore more possible hobbies in the near future. Until then… we are so looking forward to my upcoming (the big 25 – a quarter of a century!) birthday. We are headed down to Portland for…. you guessed it… beer tasting! We are headed to a few craft breweries and I couldn’t be more excited to spend some time out of T-Town and some time with my hubby doing something we both love. Awesomeness.

So answer me two questions on this fabulous Friday… (leave the answers on the comments section – or shoot me a FB for those who are my FB friends)

1. What hobbies do you enjoy with your spouse, love or  significant other?
2. Do you know the difference between domestic, craft and micro brews?!

Thats it for this week. I am slammed getting ready for my baby sister’s baby shower (wow that was weird to say – I guess she isn’t a baby anymore!) which is on Sunday! I will be taking a ton of pictures of the goods. Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, ss


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