8/52: Double Chocolate Layer Cake

I crave things. Badly. Especially anything involving sugar, chocolate or carbohydrates. They’re my absolute weakness. In most cases all it takes is the mere mentioning of a baking project and I can’t get the idea out of my head. That was the case Friday night. Johnny mentioned, and I’m talking in passing not even in a conversation, chocolate cake. That was it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I immediately began searching the internet for the best homemade chocolate cake recipe I could find. And finally settled on… drum roll please……

Double Chocolate Layer Cake. Eeeeeek! Sounds delicious right? Oh my… I could tell it was going to be a good cake just by staring (and drooling) at the recipe.  So I whipped her up and threw her in the oven. The cake smelled like dark chocolate brownies while it baked. Oh my gosh… cooling was like torture. Then came whipping up the yummy frosting. Melted chocolate? Yes please. Check this beaut out.

I couldn’t wait to cut a slice… Om nom nom…

“Eat me… I am moist and delicious…”

Oh man. It was SO good. Let me tell you. And it was SO easy. Cake mixes are super simple in a pinch, but taking an extra few minutes can result in a delicious concoction that you can call all your own. SO worth it people. Well I am off to take advantage of another snow day by deep cleaning the house. Yipee!! Can’t wait – literally, I can’t stand a dirty house.

Recipe: Double Chocolate Layer Cake

xoxo, ss


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