6/52: Cheesecake & Coffee… for breakfast?

Mmmm… yes. That was our breakfast choice this morning. In fact, I was dreaming of cutting into that cheesecake ALL night. We aren’t your average couple, into the cliché Valentine’s day routine. More than anything we just want to spend some time together and maybe do something just slightly out of the ordinary. Nothing über fancy. My co-worker inspired me to try to make my first cheesecake this weekend. She was talking about her plans to make her second cheesecake, and as quick as that, I got the itch! I searched and searched the net to find the perfect cheesecake and finally settled on the delightful… brace yourself… Pecan Pie Cheesecake. Om nom nom.

I whipped this bad boy up last night, but it took a little longer than I expected to cool, so we couldn’t have it for dessert last night. So, the next best thing? Yup – breakfast. Eek! So yummy.

I pulled the yummy deliciousness out of the fridge this morning, and unwrapped. And I swear there was a smiley face on the top…. do you see it? It was created from the moisture in the cheesecake. But awh, a smile first thing in the morning! 🙂

Do you see the smiley?

Then… we dove in… oh the excitement, can you feel it?


Ohhhh yum. Look at that… Eeek!


Not bad for my first try, eh? I was very pleased with how it looked. And how did it taste?

Mmmmm... yummy in the tummy.

OH just horrible! 😉 Hehe. It was so good! Creamy and just the perfect balance of sweet with the pecans… all in all, a pretty darn good Valentine’s Day breakfast! We may be out of the ordinary when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but hey, it works for us. We just don’t need the special day to say we love each other, that happens every day. SO write me a comment, (I know there are people reading, I see the stats! Leave me a comment! Don’t be shy…) What are your Valentine’s Day plans? What is your favorite flavor of cheesecake?

Now that I’ve consumed that, we’re off to the gym – lol! Balance, people. It’s all about balance!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Recipe: Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Source: Bake or Break

xoxo, ss


2 thoughts on “6/52: Cheesecake & Coffee… for breakfast?

    • Awh thanks girl! Right now its just a hobby, maybe one day I will have a little bakery-ish hole in the wall. One day Johnny and I would LOVE to open a brewery/tap room! How fun would it be to have baked goods along side an amazing craft brew?! 😉 Ohhhh dreams.

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