3/52: Lovin’ from the oven!

 “Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough
but not baked in the same oven.”
~Yiddish Proverb

 If you know me even a little bit, you know that I love good food. But even more so, I love to make it. There is something so thoughtful and loving about home cooked or baked food. Personally, I really like to cook; but I looove to bake. The amount of thought and love that goes into baking something is so intimate. Plus – there is no better way to a person’s heart than through their stomachs, right? 😉

I am completely addicted to food blogs. I love looking at what everyone is making, and trying to find the perfect recipe. Since I am always finding new and fun ideas on blogs, I have a running list of ideas in my head of things I want to try. So, I decided to write them all down. It never fails that I am in a serious baking mood and cannot come up with anything more creative than cookies. Because of that – I created a ‘Kitchen Bucket List’! I posted it on here for anyone who needs new and fun ideas. Check out the “Pages” menu on the left of my blog!

This brings me to this week’s post. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread. There is something so delicious about Cinnamon Raisin bread toasted up with butter slathered on it. I mean, does it get any better? As a kid I remember that being such a treat – something special. My hubby is working nights for a short amount of time, so I have been coming up with little projects to keep myself busy at night. The other night I decided that it was time for a much needed date with… MY KITCHENAID! 🙂 And it was a great opportunity to mark one item off of my bucket list.

Meet… delicious, gooey Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread! It was actually very easy to make, it just took some extra time for the various rises. But the end product was so worth it. Yum!

I just love the feeling of knowing that I made what we are eating, what nourishes our  bodies. Such a good feeling, right? Taking a few ingredients and combining them with care to feed your family. Its wonderful. So friends, question to you… What is your favorite thing to cook or bake? How does baking or cooking make you feel (do you enjoy it/hate it)? Leave me a comment on my blog and let me know.

Recipe & Photo tutorial: Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

Source: Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook via Annie’s Eats

xoxo, ss


2 thoughts on “3/52: Lovin’ from the oven!

  1. When I was young, my job every week was to bake chocolate chip cookies for my dad. Some weeks they turned out, some weeks not so much. Then there was the time in jr. high. My friend came over and we decided to run to the store. Like young teenagers will, we got distracted and milled about town for a while. Suddenly, horrifically, I remembered I had a cake baking in the oven!! We ran home to find the house filled with smoke and the cake, needless to say, in very sad shape. What I’m trying to say, Stef, is you have a talent. Enjoy it and, if you need friends to help eat your scrumptous goodness, let me know.

    • Awh, thanks Cathy! That means a lot. Some days I have utter failures in the kitchen. Other days I don’t. But usually the failures stick around a lot longer mentally than the successes! LOL. I will make something delicious and either bring up to Bellevue or plan around when you guys might be in T-Town! I love to feed people… well not as much as Joe, but I sure do enjoy it!

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